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Individual Therapy



While seeking help can often be a step we all struggle with, it can also be one of the most necessary and rewarding things we do for our lives. Therapy can be whatever you need it to be, and I will work with you to understand what that need is. For some people, it is just a few sessions, while others find a more long-term approach to be beneficial. Whatever your situation is, we will work together to help you reach your goals.



I engage in a solution and connection based approach with couples to untangle the difficulties that are creating conflict and pain. I work on treating the relationship itself, as its own entity, and assisting the individuals in the relationship in doing the same. I incorporate aspects of both Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method to address your particular areas of growth as a couple.




I specialize in the parent/child dyad and am trained in Dr. Becky's Wired for Resilience method. I will work with you to enrich the connection with your child, while simultaneously creating boundaries that promote developmental growth and fosters healthy attachment. We will work together to address you and your child's individualized needs, and as necessary address challenging behaviors in a compassionate manner that giving you the tools you need to feel confidant in navigating the relationship with your child.

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